Adam Mitchell

Adam Mitchell
Portrayed by(actor):
Companion Of...: Ninth Doctor
First Episode: Dalek (2005)
Last Episode: The Long Game (2005)
Species: Human

Adam Mitchell was the Ninth Doctor's second companion, introduced in Dalek. He was kicked out of the TARDIS crew at the end of The Long Game.

Adam worked under Henry van Statten in acquiring and using alien technology for his intentions. He and Rose quickly became close, and Rose persuaded the Doctor to allow him to join the TARDIS crew after the Dalek incident.

Adam travelled with the Doctor and Rose to Satellite Five, where he ventured off to explore on his own. Realising he could learn anything he wanted, he quickly set about attempting to learn about microprocessor development. However, when the computer shut down, he realised he could only access it with a chip. Paying a visit to the floor which dealt with chip implantation, he was given the choice of two options by a nurse. Giving in to temptation, he took the second option, which instead of an invisible chip gave him a brain door, activated by a snap of fingers. This was used against the Doctor and Rose by the Editor, who used the information from Adam's brain to learn about his prisoners. When they escaped, the Doctor took Adam back to his home in his own time. Adam's brain door was quickly discovered.

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