The Abzorbaloff in Love And Monsters.
Life Form Information
Also Known As Abzorbatron, Abzorbaling, Abzorbaclon, Abzorbatrix.
Species Abrobvian
Place of Origin Clom
First Appearance Love And Monsters

The Abzorbaloff is a creature from the planet Clom, which is the sister planet to Raxacoricofallapatorius, the home world of the Slitheen and the Blathereen. It can absorb people into his own flesh and read their thoughts by simply touching them. It was designed by William Grantham for a competition in which entrants are to design their own Doctor Who monster for the television show Blue Peter. Its name isn't actually Abzorbaloff, but it approved when other characters called him that.

[edit] Love and Monsters

The Abzorbaloff makes its first and only appearence in Love And Monsters. It desires to absorb The Doctor, so it disguises itself as a human named Victor Kennedy. It infiltrates a small group called LINDA (London Invertigation 'N' Detective Agency) which is determined to find The Doctor.

Victor Kennedy claims to have a skin complaint called eczeema and that his skin blisters to the touch. This is a cover-up for the fact that anyone who engages in skin-to-skin contact with him would get absorbed. Somehow, he gets ahold of Torchwood files, which he uses to aid LINDA's search for The Doctor.

One by one, the Abzorbaloff absorbs the members of LINDA, starting with Bliss then Bridget, before moving on to Mr Skinner. The only two remaining members, Urdula Blake and Elton Pope, quit the group. When they return to retrieve Ursula's mobile phone, they notice that Victor Kennedy is in fact the Abzorbaloff. The Abzorbaloff absorbs Ursula. Ursula can now read the Abzorbaloff's thoughts and discovers that it plans to absorb Elton next. Elton flees but is eventually cornered.

The Doctor arrives and encourages Bliss, Bridget, Mr Skinner and Ursula to fight back, giving Elton time to break the Abzorbaloff's cane, which is in fact a field generator. This renders the Abzorbaloff's body unable to know when to stop absorbing and it gets absorbed by the earth along with all its victims wit the exception of Ursula, who The Doctor manages to save.

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