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Home Planet: Mondas/Telos/Pete's World
First Appearance: The Tenth Planet (1966)
Major Appearences: 15
Next Appearance: 2008 Christmas Special

The Cybermen are a race of cyborgs, they are humans who have been 'upgraded', and wear a suit of armour. They have no emotions and their only human organ is the brain inside the helmet. They can comunicate with each other through a wireless communication system, and transfer fills from the Cyber-Leader to another appointed Leader. Cybermen believe that humans are inperfect, and therefore need to be "upgraded". Most of them have no emotions but in Doomsday, Yvonne Hartman leader of Torchwood had been upgraded to Cyberform, but held her emotions, and can be seen crying as she trys to right her wrongs, this could be proof that the cyberman technology cannot wipe out all emotions. In Torchwood Episode four, it is stated that they wiped out all of the cybermen, although there was the cyberwoman still active in their basement at the time.

[edit] Appearance

Cybermen are robotic bodies, silver in colour, with no showing human parts, like some Cyborgs would have. The human brain is within thier Hemlet, they have solid black looking eyes, and limited movement because of their robotic shape. The Cyberwomans appearance is similiar, but not completely metal, has more flesh showing, with a little less on the limited movements also.

[edit] Weaponary

Cybermen have a number of weapons, most often used one is the Wrist Blasters. These are retractable weapons within the forearm of all cybermen, it fires a red particle discharge that kills humans instantly, but they cannot used against Daleks because of thier forcefields. Another weapon was the Electric attack cybermen could do when touching someone, this was a blue electric looking attack that killed humans instantly.

Other weapons, which havent been seen recently are Cyber-bomb, which ahere capable of destroying a planet, and was seen in episodes during The Fifth Doctor's term.

[edit] Cyberwoman

See: Main Article

Episode Four of Torchwood was the first showing of a female looking Cyberman, which got called a Cyberwoman. Other females which got changed into cybermen was called Cybermen. This Cyberwoman was Lisa Hallet, 26 years of age and she was Ianto's Ex Girlfriend who used to work in Torchwood one before the downfall of it. At first she is seen hooked up to machines that seem to be keeping her alive, and she is only a partial conversion, with skin areas still showing.
Cyberwoman as seen in Torchwood
The Cyberwoman is referred to as the only one left across the world, hinting that all cyber beings where wiped out. Cybermen needed soldiers fast, so instead of just upgrading and using brains they was upgrading whole bodies using Earths technology. The Cyberwoman was half way through conversion when the machinery stopped working. Ianto found her, and bought her back to the basement of Torchwood, along with some of the conversion units for the cybermen, and made them into life support machines with the help of Lisa. The cyberwoman shows emotion, unlike other cyber-beings, and she could feel pain. The cyberwoman was taken off life support in episode four by a cyborgs specialist, and this proved successful, and she walked for the first time since being partially converted. She found out she was alive and seem over-joyed. The cyberwoman seems to lose all emotion not long after finding out she is alive and can walk off the machines, and starts talking in a semi-robotic voice with the same agenda as cybermen, which was that the human was needs upgrading. After a failed upgrade on a human, and some power losses, the Torchwood team intervene, they check out the basement and the cyberwoman was hiding, where she hit Owen, knocking him out. The cyberwoman doesn't seem to have any weapons at first, just has her arms, but later shows red electric like shots coming from her hands, as well as the cybermans Electric attack by touch. The cyberwoman See's herself in a reflection, and she See's herself as wrong, and needs to start again, just before attacking Ianto after saying they was incompatible, then proceeds to attacking the rest of the Torchwood team saying they need Deleting. The cyberwoman is seen to scream when she was stabbed with a screwdriver, but awakens after the think she is dead. They spray the cyberwoman with a sauce for the Pteradactyl to identify its food, and it starts attacking the cyberwoman, eventually knocking her to the floor.
Cyberwomans new brain host
A pizza delivery girl comes in and the cyberwoman can be seen in the background, bleeding, and covered in cuts. Ianto walks in on the cyberwoman lay on the floor covered in blood, dead. The cyberwoman had transferred her brain into a new body, the body of the pizza girl. The woman suggests to Ianto that they be upgraded together, and the Torchwood team then kill her.
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