Vashta Nerada

Vashta Nerada
Appearance: Miscroscopic, swarming Carnivors
Also known as: Shadows
Place of Origin: Unknown (They're found on most planets)
First appearance: Silence in the Library
Also appeared in: Forest of the Dead

The Vashta Nerada are microscopic that live and attack in swarms in their thousands. These swarms are capable of stripping people of their flesh to their bones in milliseconds (The Doctor has described them as 'The Prianahs of the Air'). Whilst these swarms are fair and few apart, they have caused an irrational dear of the dark as their swarms are similar in appearance to the looks of a Shadow, hence there common name - Shadows. However, both the Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness believe that these creature have a few weaknesses, but the only thing to do was to run from them. A few of these supposed weaknesses have been shown and proven such as the fact they can move slowly (Or at least slower than they usually do) in sunlight, or any artificial light that can be produced, but does not stop them entirely. However, a sapient swarm became fearful of the Doctor and his presence, hinting at the fact that they have yet another weakness.

The 'Shadows' have always lived in darkness and cause shadows when exposed to light - Even to the extreme of blocking light that comes from UV lamps. They would mimic the look of a shadow to pry and attack it's prey (Usually the dominant species of the planet) They had to be close to their prey before they could attack, meaning that entering the light was sometimes (If not most of it) the only option or attack and a means of escape. They also have the ability to 'possess' the body of those whom they have eaten. The vashta Nerada once lived on almost every planet whose dominant species were meat 'based'. They are born as microscopic spore like creatures in trees and live in the forest. It is said that the eggs of the Vashta Nerada can hatch and form huge swarms in minutes. Hinting that they are a race that are born to eat. These 'spores' were said to be so resilient, they could hatch even on processed trees, even if the trees were converted into paper or books.

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