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[edit] 3D Glasses

As seen in "Doomsday", they detect particles from the void between the universes, we see a pair on Jack Harkness' desk. ("Small Worlds")

[edit] A

[edit] Alien Knife

The "Life Knife"

A three bladed knife that was used by Suzie Costello to test the Resurrection Gauntlet in the episode "Everything Changes". Like most things deemed dangerous by Torchwood, Jack Harkness sealed it within his safe shortly after Suzie's death. It is mentioned that those killed by the knife are easier to resurrect due to the glove and the knife being made from the same metal. "Stabbing the deceased with the knife can increase the connection with the glove even post mortem". The name "Life Knife" was dubbed by Ianto Jones.

[edit] Alien Pendant

A type of communication device that is commonly used by the inhabitants of the planet Arcateen 5, the home planet of Mary ("Greeks Bearing Gifts"). Upon wearing it, it allows the user to hear the thoughts and feelings of others. The only known to exist on Earth was destroyed by Toshiko Sato in the same episode.

[edit] Amnesia Pill

It is used by Torchwood to erase recent memories of the general public so widespread panic isn't created. But, a person's memory can be brought back if it is triggered by a certain image, this is only proven in people that have an IQ above normal. Much like when Gwen found out about the Torchwood Hub, Jack used one of the pills on her. The pill contains a special chemical known as Retcon or B67 (Retcon is referred to Retroactive Continuity). These pills were developed by Yvonne Hartman, the deceased head of the Torchwood One Facility in Canary Wharf, she also found out that certain doses have different effects depending on the age of the subject. 2oz of Retcon can cause mild confusion on young children (ages 5-8), whereas 4oz can cause memory loss in that of older people (60's and over) and an 8oz dose of B67 can cause memory loss in people in their 20's. But in one case an elderly man had a stress induced heart attack after receiving the amnesia pill. Those "Dismissed" by the pill are filed as "Retconned" within 24 hours of their death.

[edit] Anti-Cyberman Weapon

These are specially designed rifle weapons that were developed by scientists in Pete's World to fight the Cybermen, but brought to Earth during the Cybermen invasion in Canary Wharf, these weapons were retained by Torchwood in case the Cybermen ever returned to Earth from the void. It is stored in their weapon room which was sealed due to Lisa cutting the electricity supply to the hub which sent it to a total lock down, preventing them from using the weapon on her in the episode "Cyberwoman".

[edit] Anti Toxin Kit

A human made device that was created by Torchwood as a response to various encounters with poisonous aliens. It was also used in the episode "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" when Gwen was paralyzed by Captain Jon Hart, and Owen used it on Gwen to save her from John's toxic lip-gloss.

[edit] Anti-Weevil Clamps

A piece of Tape, that when wound round a captives wrists or ankles and pressed together they make an unbreakable loop, and form something similar to Handcuffs and can only be broken using small micro-waves. They can be used on other lifeforms and humans.

[edit] Anti-Weevil Spray

A spray that causes short term pain and irritation to the Weevil's eyes, allowing the Torchwood Team to Subdue them. However after using the spray many times before, the Weevils had started growing an immunity to it by the episode "Combat".

[edit] B

[edit] Binoculars

A pair of futuristic binoculars that Jack wore in the Doctor Who episode "The Empty Child"

[edit] Black Tile

A piece of 'exotic' alien technology that has been with Jack since joining Torchwood. It's current function is yet unknown, but is thought to be an early form of an early warning system.

[edit] C

[edit] Contact Lenses

Alien Contact Leses. These allow the Torchwood hub to see what the person wearing them can see. It also has special lip-reading technology that allow the hub to hear what the person the subject is looking at is saying as the lenses do not have a microphone, but only work if the lips are sufficiently visible to the contact lenses but have been known to work with only have the mouth showing as proven in "Day Three". The wearer of this piece of technology can also receive typed messages from the Torchwood HQ. They were worn by Martha Jones in "Reset" to infiltrate and find out what experiments were taking place in the Pharm. In "Children of Earth" they were worn by Lois Habiba to spy for Torchwood the negotiations between the British/American Government and the 456.

[edit] Containment Box

The Torchwood made containment boxes are specifically designed to hold and contain dangerous pieces of alien technology that have fallen through the Rift.

[edit] Cryo Chamber

This is a place in the Torchwood HQ where the bodies of the deceased are kept indefinitely. One of it's other uses is to provide corpses that are disfigured or have been dumped to provide identifiable bodies for those that have been vapourised, eaten or destroyed in other ways ("Day One") although the source of the bodies is yet unknown. It has been used to store the body of Suzie Costello in "Everything Changes" and has been used to store Jack's body when he was thought to be dead in "End of Days" and "Exit Wounds".

[edit] Cyber Conversion Unit

Ianto Jones scavenged this piece of technology from the demolished Torchwoof institute and placed it in the hub. He modified it according to the instructions of Lisa Hallett (The Cyberwoman) and used it as life support for her. It was somewhat temperamental, however, so Dr. Tanizaki was paid secretly by Ianto to save lisa, but was killed by Lisa shortly after. It was also used to transfer Lisa's brain to the Pizza Delivery Girl's body.

[edit] D

[edit] Dalek-enhanced Thompson sub machine guns

These first appeared in the episode "Evolution of the Daleks" and were hand held versions of the Dalek Gun Stick for the human Dalaks to use as a means of "Extermination".

[edit] Data Scanning Device

Described as an "iPod for Books" by Toshiko Sato, the scanner can be passed over any book and then takes digital images of the pages inside. According to what Toshiko has discovered, the device was left by some alien "Archeologists" in order to decode documents they had scavenged on the way home. This device was seen being used in the episode "Cyberwoman" as a lock pick. And in "Dead Man Walking", it has a showcase of new functions, as it is now able to translate foreign languages recorded by the Torchwood CCTV and translate it into English.

[edit] The Depressor

A device found by the Torchwood Three institute in 1952. It is described as a diary fragment, and contained information of the past Torchwood 3 Agent. It was theorised that the device was carrying a message, but not one of words, but one of emotion, this message was spread quickly causing panic all over Cardiff. The device will effect anyone within a 40 yard radius of it, slowly driving them to madness and thus dubbed "The Depressor" by the scientist studying it at the time. Soon after it was filed away with it's fate left pending.

[edit] Direction Finder

This device is describe as "A GPS, only better". It is a special tracking system developed by Torchwood but augmented with alien technology. A version of this can be found inside the Torchwood SUV.

[edit] Dogon Eyes

The 13 eyes of a reptilian race called, the Dogon. Dr. Rajesh Singh was helping Yvonne Hartmen from Torchwood One investigate and conduct experiments on the 6th eye. their research had told them that this particular eye has a certain influence on those whom obtain it, even more so if digested, which enable them to look back over their lives with a different, more refreshing outlook. In the episode "Random Shoes", Eugene Jones possess' the sixth eye after it falling from the sky. After ingesting the eye and dying, Eugene steadily gained physical contact from his 'Ghostly' figure until he could be fully visible to everyone else. After which he was shrouded in a white light and floating up to the sky, vanishing. Another, different, eye was mentioned by Henry Parker, in the episode "A Day in the Death".

[edit] E

[edit] Earpieces

These are bluetooth like attachments that look the common hands-free kit for mobile phones and are used for communication between Torchwood personal. A type of this earpiece was seen in the episode Army of Ghosts and Doomsday and were manipulated by the Cybermen to manipulated reanimated technicians and open the breach. Another variant was seen throughout the series and worn by Torchwood Three members.

[edit] F

[edit] Firing Stock 15 Rifle

Seen in the Doctor Who Episodes The Satan Pitt/The Impossible Planet and later seen in the background of Torchwood episode Day One and used as projectile weapons used as the human empire in the future. They are based on P-90's.

[edit] G

[edit] Gas Mask

As seen in the Doctor Who episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" it can see be seen in the Torchwood hub. Although supposed to be from the World War II era, the production team made them just for those 2 episodes and were not based of any other mask nor are meant to be replicas of the original thing.

[edit] The Ghost Machine

The Ghost Machine is a large piece of Alien technology that was first made aware of in the episode "Ghost Machine", it contains Nanotechnological Quantum Transducers that convert the emotions from a said event and then turns them into visions of the event. However, this device comes in two parts, the first half allows the user to see into the past, and other half seems to be able to show the user the future. According to Jack's files on the object, it was by "trans dimensional beings" as a type of GPS to lock onto a specific place and time in order to locate where it was. It is also stated on another memo that the team believe that "ghost shifts" created by Torchwood one in the episode "Army of Ghosts" made it easier for such residual ghosts to manifest themselves.

[edit] H

[edit] HD CCTV

Debuted in "Day One", the scanner uses alien technology to convert "Raster TV" into Vector TV, which smooths out the image, allowing the team to zoom in and identify faces.

[edit] Hyperspectral Scanner

This alien tool is mainly used by Toshiko to examine and identify new pieces of technology found by the Torchwood Three team.

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