Timey-Wimey Detector

Timey-Wimey Detector
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Type: Temporal anomaly-detecting device
Creator: The Doctor
Appearences: Blink

The Timey-Wimey Detector was created by The Doctor, and was a makeshift device for detecting temporal anomalies. He made it when he was trapped in 1961 during his encounter with the Weeping Angels to primarily detect and find all those that had been sent back in time. it looks like your average 20th century video camcorder but with a twist, it alerted the Doctor to an anomaly with a 'Ding' noise.

The exact nature of the device is yet unknown as the Doctor is deliberately vague about it and simply tells Billy Shipton "It goes 'Ding' when there's stuff". However, it could be inferred as to detect residual Artron energy bought back from when people travel through a time vortex. This energy was loosely described by the Doctor as "Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey stuff", giving the name to the device.

Using the device has but one side effect - It boils an egg from thirty paces, whether you want it to or not. Because of this side effect, the Doctor warned Billy to stay away from chickens when he says "It's not pretty when they blow".

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