The Doctor

The Doctor
Portrayed By William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGan
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Peter Capaldi
Gender Male(can potentially change gender)
Race Time Lord
Born Gallifrey
an unknown date in the distant past
Died Mondas, energy drain
Exiled by Time Lords
Metabilis 3, radiation poisoning
Logopolis, fell from tower
Androzani, poisoned
Fatally injured when the TARDIS crashed
Accidental death during experimental surgery
(died of unknown causes)
Earth, cellular degeneration from time vortex
Earth, radiation poisoning
Judas Tree lipstick
Also Known As The Doctor
John Smith
Dr. Foreman
Theta Sigma(ΘΣ)
Doctor Caligari
Doktor von Wer
Doctor Walters
Doktor of TARDIS
Albert Einstein
The Sandman
Claudius Dark
Mr. Ashcroft
Gracie Witherspoon
The Oncoming Storm
Doctor James McCrimmon
Sir Doctor of TARDIS
First Appearance An Unearthly Child
Other Appearances All episodes of Doctor Who, in comic books, in novels, in movies, and in other media
Related Characters Susan
unknown others
Associated With Time Lords

The Doctor is the main character of the British TV series Doctor Who. He is the last of his race, the Time Lords of Gallifrey. He travels through space and time on hisTARDIS, and generally has between one and three companions with him.

[edit] Physical Appearance

The Doctor is a Time Lord, meaning that he is able to regenerate. Regeneration changes his appearance, so the doctor's appearance changes dramatically at times. The doctor has always been a male, and has generally been of average height. His age, facial features, and other characteristics change.

[edit] Personality

The doctor is portrayed in slightly different ways by different actors, but there are some recurring personality traits that stay the same. The doctor is lonely, and chooses to travel with companions. While some of the doctor's first companions were unwillingly brought into the TARDIS, the doctor has almost always had someone travel with him. With his own race dead, the doctor seems to have chosen humans as his preferred companions. He has commented that humans remind him of Time Lords. Humans have a similar appearance to Time Lords, and also have some of the same flaws: greed, anger, etc. The doctor has seen how these flaws affected Time Lord society, and seems determined to save humanity from a similar fate. Because he is the last of his race, and because he spends most of his time around humans, the doctor is generally surrounded by people who are far less powerful than him. This has caused the doctor to become arrogant in some cases. Angry because he cannot fix his own past, the doctor travels through time, fixing the problems of the galaxy. The doctor ultimately has the ability to change the outcome of any event in time, and does so at times simply to entertain himself or to get revenge against old enemies.

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