'Two slabs with Plasmavore Florence Finnigan.'
Name: Slab
First Appearance: Smith and Jones (2007)
Other Appearences: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Slabs are artificial lifeforms used as a basic slave race by aliens in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Slabs are made entirely out of leather.

[edit] The Plasmavore

In Smith And Jones, two slabs are seen with a Plasmavore named Florence Finnigan. They are seen on Earth, but they are later brought to the moon by the Judoon and their H2O scoop. They assist the plasmavore in assimilating the blood of Mr Stoker, the head of the Royal Hope Hospital. One on the slabs is sent to kill The Doctor and Martha Jones. However, Martha kills it by increasing the radiation. The second slab is killed by the Judoon.

[edit] Kudlak

In Warriors Of Kudlak, an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, armed slabs are seen serving Uvlavad Kudlak, an Uvodni general. They help Kudlak capture children from a game of laser tag called Combat 3000 and use them to take part in a war against the Malakh. They stop after Luke Smith shows Kudlak a message from the Uvodni emperor declaring the war over.

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