The planet of Skaro
Universe: Whoniverse
Inhabitants: Dalek, Thal, Kaled

[edit] Skaro

Skaro is the notable home planet of the much feared Dalek race. The Daleks where once Kaleds, but where mutated with radiation after testing by Davros on its inhabitants. The Kaled were in a tense war against Skaro's other inhabitants, the Thal. Skaro was the location for the bloody war, named The Thousand Year War, which the Kaled won. With help of Davros, the Kaled mutated into the now Dalek race and ruled the planet, forcing the Thal into hiding.

Over time the Thal are forced out from their home world and it is handed to the Daleks. The Daleks use the rich minerals in the ground to build an enormous army and start building the first Interplanetary Empire of the Daleks.

Like Gallifrey , Skaro was destroyed in the Time War after some considerable rebuilding by the Daleks.

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