Series 4

Series 4 is the fourth series of the revival of Doctor Who. It was majorly broadcast in 2008.

[edit] Main Cast

[edit] Episodes

Episode No. Episode Writer(s)
4.1 Partners In Crime Russel T. Davies
4.2 Fires of Pompeii James Moran
4.3 Planet of the Ood Keith Temple
The Sontaren Stratagem
The Poison Sky
Helen Raynor
4.6 The Doctors Daughter Stephen Greenhorn
4.7 The Unicorn and the Wasp Gareth Roberts
Silence in the Library
Forest of the Dead
Steven Moffatt
4.10 Midnight Russel T. Davies
4.11 Turn Left Russel T. Davies
The Stolen Earth
Journey's End
Russel T. Davies
4.14 2008 Christmas Special The Next Doctor Russel T. Davies
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