"Nice to meet you, Rose. Run for your life!" -The Doctor

This page is about the episode "Rose." For the character, see Rose Tyler.

Rose, being attacked by mannequin Autons
Episode Information
Series TV Series
Series No. 1
Episode No. 1
Doctor Ninth
Companion(s) Rose Tyler
Races Autons
Other Characters Jackie Tyler
Mickey Smith
Location London
Present Day
Writer Russell T Davies
Broadcast 26 March 2005
Next Episode The End of the World

[edit] Description

"Rose" is the first episode of series one. It is the first episode featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler.

[edit] Basic Plot

Rose Tyler, a seemingly ordinary young woman, is in danger when the mannequins at the store where she works come to life. She finds herself being rescued by a mysterious man who calls himself "The Doctor". Together, they defeat the army of mannequins. At the end of the episode, The Doctor gives Rose the option to adventure with him on the TARDIS. While Rose is unsure at first, she quickly changes her mind, and leaves with The Doctor.

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