Empress of the Racnoss
Species: Humanoid Arachnid
Affiliated with: Racnoss Empire
Home Planet: Racnoss
First appearance: the Runaway Bride

Racnoss made her first appearance in the 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride.

They are an ancient race that have been around since, if not before, the human race and are said to come from a 'dark-time' in the universe. Half Humanoid and half Arachnid, there forces have crushed planets that they have been up against in the past, and consumed every planet they conquered (They are insatiably hungry from the moment they are born). However, despite their forces being so strong, they were wiped out by the Fledgeling Empire including (taken from the empresses anger and mentioning of Gallifrey) the Time Lords, over 4.6 Billion years ago. But the survivors of this empire fled in a star ship where Earth would be later formed, the ship serving as it's core, and hibernate for billions of years, waiting for the Empress to arrive in her ship and awaken them once again. Her plan was to use the Huon particles (that had been recreated by the Torchwood institute) and awake what she called 'Her Children'. However, her plan was later foiled by the Doctor and Donna Noble the future companion of the Tenth Doctor.

Racnoss has made an appearance in Turn Left during a Flash back in a parallel universe that Donna had inadvertently created in which she died and The Doctor With her, causing Racnoss to awaken 'her children' and causing Earth to become a dysopia for the next few years.

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