The Ood
Life Form Information
Appearance Squished face humanoid
Also Known As N/A
Place of Origin Ood Sphere: Horsehead Nebula
First Appearance "The Impossible Planet"
Also Appeared In "The Satan Pitt"
"Planet of the Ood"
"The Waters Of Mars"
"The End of Time"

The Ood are aliens with telepathic capabilities. In the Doctor Who series they live in a distant future named Circa 42nd century.

They are known as Empaths, they acquire a small telepathic field that allow them to communicate to one another and to humans (or other life forms). When reaching out to their telepathic fields, it can be heard as singing. In appearance the Ood are Humanoid with coleoid like tentacles coming from the lower part of their head, presumably above where there "mouth" is. They require a translator device to communicate to other species other than their own, and is connected to them via a tube that goes behind the tentacles. Originally the tube was connected to their externals brains to their body, but to use for the creatures, the future humans would amputate the brain and attach a sphere to the end. Also they seem to have no differentiation between genders of the Ood, and they require no names or titles because they all consider themselves as "one". However they are given designations such as "Ood 7 Alpha 9", there is one exception, however, known as "Ood Sigma".

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