New Earth

New Earth
Doctor Who New EArth.jpg
the Doctor and Rose stand on New Earth
Episode Information
Series TV Series
Series No. 2
Episode No. 2
Doctor Tenth Doctor
Other Characters The Face of Boe
Cassandra O'Brien
Location New New York,New Earth
Year 5,000,000,023
Writer Russell T. Davies
Broadcast 15 April, 2006
Previous Episode The Christmas Invasion
Next Episode Tooth & Claw

[edit] Synopsis

In the year five billion and twenty-three, after the destruction of the Earth, the Doctor takes Rose to the New Earth. He meets an old friend in a mysterious hospital where the Sisters of Plenitude have a cure for everything. But someone is in the basement of the hospital. And she has done something with Rose.

[edit] Plot

The Doctor is seen in the TARDIS getting it ready to go, while Rose is outside saying goodbye to her mother and Mickey. Mickey tells Rose that he loves her, and they say their good-byes. Rose gets inside the TARDIS asks the Doctor where they are going. He replies that they are going "further than they have ever gone before."

When the TARDIS reaches its destination, the Doctor states that they are on New Earth.
New Earth
Rose thinks that New Earth is amazing. She and the Doctor lie on the grass talking about what happened to Earth during The End of the World, how it exploded, and how this planet was found. A familiar voice, unheard by Rose and the Doctor, suggests that Rose should not exist. Rose and the doctor get up, and he says they are going to the Hospital; he received a message on his Psychic Paper that someone wanted to see him.
Hostpital with Universal Hospital Logos

It is finally revealed who recognized Rose: Cassandra O'Brien, the last human, who was thought to have died in The End of the World. Rose and the Doctor enter the hospital. The Doctor walks into a lift, which Rose arrives at too late to enter. She uses the other lift, and she and the Doctor are disinfected. Rose, not expecting the disinfection while on the lift, screams, but the Doctor enjoys it. The Doctor gets out of the lift on the desired floor, but Rose's lift went down rather than up, and she is taken to the basement. Finding herself in a strange, cave-like area, she picks up something she can use as a weapon and follows a strange man. Meanwhile, the Doctor says to no one in particular that the hospital needs a shop, then follows the nurse. The nurse leads him past several patients with several different ailments, then asks him who he wishes to visit. Seeing The Face of Boe, the doctor indicates that he is visiting him. The Face of Boe is thousands of years old, which the nurse states with skepticism, and the Doctor informs the Face of Boe of his presence. In the basement, Rose is seen going into a room, where an old projector is playing a film of a party. The film shows a woman, the voice of whom Rose recognizes. The person who called Rose to come to the hospital basement is, in fact, Lady Cassandra, whom Rose cannot believe is still alive. Lady Cassandra's slave speaks to Rose and tells her that Cassandra's brain survived, and her body was rebuilt. Lady Cassandra says that she is alone, and is the only remaining human, but Rose tells her that there are billions of humans on New Earth. Lady Cassandra tells Rose that the nurses are are hiding something, and asks her to get closer so she can whisper it in her ear. Rose scoffs and moves backwards, and she is caught in a trap. Lady Cassandra transfers her own consciousness to Rose's body. When she awakes, she is amazed by her new body. Upstairs, the Doctor and the nurse are conversing near the Face of Boe. The nurse states that The Face of Boe is the last of Boekind, and tells the Doctor about a rumor in which the Face tells his greatest secret to a traveler, a lonely god, just before he dies. The Doctor appears deep in thought after hearing this rumor, and wonders if he is the traveler. Down in the basement, Cassandra is becoming familiar with her new body. She taps into Rose's memory and learns the Doctor has a new face. She calls him a hypocrit, and then Rose's phone rings. She attempts to speak to the Doctor in the same way that Rose would, and the Doctor, who, despite Cassandra's strange word choice, seems to notice nothing out of the ordinary, tells Cassandra that he is with the Face of Boe. The Doctor looks at a patient, and is astonished that the cure for his disease works. As the nurse is walking away, she informs another nurse that one of the patients has woke up, which the other nurse says is impossible. The nurses go to a room with many, compartments, and they open one to look at the contents- a person with several deformities.

Cassandra, in Rose's body, appears at the ward, and the Doctor says that he can't believe the medicine, and that he wants to find out what's going on. Rose and the Doctor walk toward a terminal, and he asks her what's with her talking. She says it's a "new her," and then kisses him.
Rose and Doctor Kiss
The doctor looks at Rose silently for a few moments.

They look at the terminal, and notice that the intensive care ward isn't registered on the board. Cassandra, as Rose, suggests looking for it. They look at a body, and the Doctor apologizes to it . Rose asks what is wrong with it, and, after analyzing a few more bodies, the Doctor suggests that they have all possible diseases.

The Doctor encounters a nurse, and inquires her about the bodies. She tells him that they are used as experiments in order to test medications. The Doctor then asks what they have done to Rose, and the nurse says that they have done nothing to Rose. Lady Cassandra, realizing that she has been discovered, comments that she wants to kill the Doctor. She tries to bargain with the nurses, and when that fails, she releases all of the people from their chambers. The people with the disease that have been released let everyone else from the chambers out, while Rose and the Doctor run they see that all the bodies have been released and the Doctor says he wants Rose's body kept safe, and tells her to run. While the Matron of the hospital declares that the building needs to go under quarantine and that no one can leave. The bodies with all the disease start to spread around the hospital, saying they want help, and touching everyone they see giving them the disease.
Diseased "Flesh"
Rose and the Doctor are seen to being continuously running down, and they get to the bottom, and they cannot run any lower. Rose takes them a different way, where the clone gets blocked off, and the Doctor says he cant let Rose escape and chases after Rose. Rose and the doctor come into a room, but they cannot leave through the door because they are trapped. The Doctor says Rose has to be given back to him, and Cassandra moves from Rose to the Doctor. Cassandra asks what would the doctor do, and Rose says they would move up, Rose says that if Cassandra gave the doctor his body back he could think of a way out. Rose tells Cassandra to get into her, and an argument starts, between the doctor, Cassandra, and Rose. Cassandra ends up going into a diseased body, and just as the Doctor and Rose are about to escape she moves back into Rose, and tells of what thoughts are running through the Diseased bodies head. They move into the ward with the Face of Boe, and the doctor gets all of the cures, and sticks them onto his body, and then dives into the lift, and Rose follows. When they get to the bottom, the doctor mixes all of the cures together, and creates a huge cure that cures all of the bodies, and tells them to pass it on, you see all of the bodies touching each other, and clearing up. Rose asks what he did with them all, and the Docto says that he cured them. He calls them a new Sub Race called "New Humans". The cat people all got arrested, and the new species was all registered. The doctor then remembers The Face of Boe, and runs towards him. The doctor and the Face of Boe have a conversation through the Face of Boe using Telepathy.

Doctor - "I got the impression there was something you wanted to tell me."
Face of Boe - "A great secret"
Doctor - "So the legend says"
Face of Boe - "It can wait"
Doctor - "Oh does it have to"
Face of Boe - "We shall meet again doctor, for the third time, for the last time and the truth shall be told, until that day."

At this point the Face of Boe teleports out, and the doctor turns to Cassandra in Roses body and tells her that all things need to come to an end, and she says she doesn't want to die. At that moment Chip walks in, and she moves into his body. She notices that Chip's body is failing, and that she is going to die. She says there is no place for Chip and herself anymore, and that it is time to die. The doctor says there is one last thing he can do, and takes her in the TARDIS to see herself at the party, and lets her go, and she talks to her old self, and tells her she looks beautiful. Then collapses, and her old self tries to comfort her.

[edit] Cast

  • David Tennant - The Doctor
  • Billie Piper - Rose Tyler
  • Camille Coduri – Jackie Tyler
  • Noel Clarke – Mickey Smith
  • Zoë Wanamaker – Cassandra O'Brien
  • Sean Gallagher – Chip
  • Doña Croll – Matron Casp
  • Michael Fitzgerald – Duke of Manhattan
  • Lucy Robinson – Frau Clovis
  • Adjoa Andoh – Sister Jatt
  • Anna Hope – Novice Hame
  • Simon Ludders – Patient
  • Struan Rodger – Face of Boe

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