Ianto Jones

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Ianto Jones

Affiliated with: Torchwood 3 Institute
Race: Human
Home Era: (Early) 21st Century
First Appearence: "Everything Changes"
Last Appearence: N/A
Portrayed By: Gareth David-Lloyd

Ianto Jones is a character in the spin-off British TV series of Doctor Who; Torchwood. Ianto is the receptionist for the Torchwood 3 institute located in Cardiff Bay. He could be called the "Public" face of Torchwood. He is also a mjor supporter of the Torchwood Institute and takes care of the administration side of the organization, also being a self employed cleaner and teamaker. He also is a specialist in disposing of bodies and generally covering up for Torchwood along with 'Tosh'. He also serves as a naturalisation specialist for people that have been thrown out or escaped their own time period. Ianto is also the boyfriend of Lisa Hallett, she worked at Torchwood One in Canary Wharf and was only half upgraded to be the first, and only Female looking Cyberwoman.
We can usually see Ianto wearng his siganture black suit and only on a few occasions (Such an occasion arrived in Countrycide) where he looses the suit and wears informal clothing.

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