Heavenly Host

The Heavenly Hosts were a group of Angelic machines that served as an information booths on the Space Cruiseship 'The Titanic'. They work under the orders of Max Capricorn head and founder of Max Capricorn Cruisers. Max made these machines as a way of killing people on the cruise ship in the 2008 Christmas Special Starship Titanic (Featuring Kylie Minogue as the Doctor New companion). As part of his plan to kill everyone on board sacrificing his own ship and retiring as a wealthy man. Of Course, after Capricorns death, the Hosts then obeyed the next superior body on the ship - The Doctor and helped him save the ship Titanic

When the Hosts speak, their pattern is always in the regular way. They always start with "Information" following with a protocol number and then giving the person speaking 3 questions to ask which temporarily overrides what ever commands have been given to them until all 3 questions have been answered. As a weapon, they use their halos on their heads and throw them like Shuriken. They also have the ability to fly. Most of them were killed in an Electromeagnetic pulse which had come from Bannakaffalatta, whom generates it, ending his own life.

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