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Gwen Cooper
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Affiliated with: South Wales Police
Torchwood 3 Institute
Race: Human
Home Era: (Early) 21st Century
First Appearence: "Everything Changes"
Last Appearence: N/A
Portrayed By: Eve Myles


[edit] Overview

Gwen Cooper is a fictional character in the spin-off British TV series of Doctor Who; Torchwood. She was the first onscreen recruited member of Torchwood, and the only member to be recruited during series one, and series two. With series three being the new series.

[edit] Before joining Torchwood

Gwen was a Police Constable for Cardiff before she joined torchwood. In the first episode of Torchwood she still is, her first glimps of Torchwood was when they came to investigate a dead body, she snuck round and entered a car park to get above them and see what they was doing and she saw them bring a dead body to life. Jack shouted up towards her, or towards the sky, which scared her and she was doing searches for Jack. Later in the same episode she follows Jack round the hospital and comes face to face with a Weevil, her first alien incounter in the series. She followed the Torchwood team back to thier base, but lost them, so returned that same night, then went to the local pizza place and stumbled upon the torchwood, and met Ianto Jones in the reception room, who buzzed her through to the torchwood hub. Torchwood introduce themselves, and she believes they are now going to kill her and dump her body, but instead she is taken out by Jack, and given drinks, and explained about Torchwood. After talking with Jack she threatens to tell about Torchwood if they don't use their technology to help solve a murder, but they drug her so she will forget about Torchwood and about Jack. She writes down all of the information she has about Torchwood and its members onto a saved file on her computer in order to remember, but Torchwood intercept. The next day she see's the suspected murder weapon, and she links it back to a member of Torchwood.

[edit] While in Torchwood

Gwen official joins the team in Series One, Episode One after she remembered everything, even after having her memory wiped, Jack offers her the position, and a chance to work with them, which she accepts. Her first call to work was a text message that just said Torchwood in episode two. Her first job for torchwood was helping investigate a meteorite, and she threw a chisel to Owen which hit the meteorite releasing a gas from within. She stated her first day might be The Worst First Day Ever. During her first episode which was episode two over all, she encountered an alien which took host in a girls body, and during that episode Jack calls her brilliant. In Episode three, Gwen saw the future and foresaw herself holding a knife, and her hands covered in blood. She mentioned Owens name, and that future was changed, but she inadvertidly killed a man when he moved in to hug her as his saviour, but got himself stabbed. Gwen stood there in shock because there was nothing she could do at that moment in time. At the end of Countrycide Gwen is seen in a hotel room with Owen, and during Greeks Bearing Gifts Tosh read thoughts of Gwen and Owen having an affair.

[edit] Important Points

Learning about Jack's ability to cheat death was seen in Episode One. Jack was shot in the head, and as the gun was pulled on Gwen, Jack got up and you saw him heal. Jack later tells her about the fact that he cannot die, which she finds hard to grasp, and is asked to keep quiet.

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