Everything Changes

Everything Changes
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Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 1 Episode 1
Episode Name: Everything Changes
Enemies: None
Location: Cardiff
Writer: Russell T Davies
Broadcast: 22nd October 2006
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Day One

[edit] Synopsis

Police Constable Gwen Cooper comes across the mysterious organisation known as Torchwood. When investigating Jack, she comes across stuff that doesn't add up.

[edit] Plot

The episode starts with men in white suits checking over a body. You then see Gwen before her Torchwood days, asking who it is, Police then move everyone away from the body, and it was orders from above to allow Torchwood access to the body. Torchwood arrive and you see Jack Harkness, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, and Suzie Costello. Torchwood stand around the body sorting themselves out, while Gwen runs around to a parking lot to get above them and find out whats going on. Jack starts talking about contraception in the rain, saying he loves this country. Suzie places a glove under the head of the victim, and he comes back to life. Tosh speaks to the victim, and tries to find out the last thing he saw, and the victim is panicking too much about being dead to know what to say. Jack steps in to ask him about what it was like when he died, and the victim says he saw Nothing. The Torchwood team argue about the methods of asking the questions and how the last body screamed for an ambulance rather than answer the questions. Jack says maybe there is no right way about it, and shouts up towards Gwen, who jumps back horrified that she was spotted, and runs back down, trying to think what she saw was real or not. Gwen goes home, still wondering about what she saw, and her boyfriend is still awake. She asks why he is awake, and then goes to bed. But seems to be having trouble sleeping. When she goes to work she asks someone to do a search for "Capain Jack Harkness". Gwen is seen to bring tea into the room for the murders, and listens to what they are saying. Later you see Gwen with her partner talking about Torchwood, asking if they know what they are, they step into a pub, and try to calm a fight down, Gwen gets knocked over and bangs her head, she is seen by a doctor at the hospital who gives her the all clear, as she is leaving she See's Jack running up the stairs, and follows him, he runs up to a floor that is sealed off, Gwen asks a caretaker if he knows whats wrong with up there, and he doesn't know, so Gwen takes a look inside, and See's a Weevil at the end of the corridor, she tries talking to it, but it doesn't answer, just watches her. She tries asking if its seen Jack, but it continues to stare at her,. She thinks the Weavil is someone wearing a mask. The caretaker comes back, saying he asked about the corridor and he couldn't find anything on it, and he starts taking the piss out of the Weavil, and thinks its a costume, the Weavil attacks him, and Jack and the rest of the team come out from behind some sheets, they get Gwen to run out of the hospital quickly. When outside she can't believe what she saw, and then tries to follow the Torchwood team. The person she asked to check up on Jack contacts her, and tells about what she found on Jack and that he disappeared years before. The Torchwood team stop, and get out of there vehicle, then they disappear, and she goes looking for them, but cant seem to find them. She asks on the registration of the Torchwood vehicle, but it doesn't exist. Her Partner finds her and she tries to tell him about the team, and how she saw the hospital porter attacked, and he tels her they was all accounted for. She goes home, and tells her boyfriend she has taken another shift, this was a lie, and she goes back to the spot she lost the Torchwood team. She See's a pizza bike go past, and goes to check if she can find Jack on the pizza records, there is nothing. About to leave she has an idea, and asks about a Torchwood, who happen to be really good customers. She gets the pizzas, and goes to where the guy says they are usually delivered to. Ianto Jones comes out from behind a curtain and Gwen says she has pizza for a Mr Harkness, and Ianto opens a door which she goes through. She comes to the Torchwood Hub, and the doors lock behind her, she See's the doctors hand bubbling in a tub, and Suzie working on the glove. Looking around she See's Jack come out through a booth and walks past her ignoring her. Everyone seems to ignore her and continues with their work, until Tosh starts laughing, and breaks Owen's concentration, and they all start joking about it. Torchwood say they could see her, and Jack questions who orders pizza under the name of Torchwood. Gwen asks about the porter at the hospital, and they tell her that they planted evidence to cover up the murder. She asks who they are, and Jack says "Torchwood". She introduces herself as PC Cooper, and says that they cant do anything to her cause she will be noticed missing. Jack offers to show her the murderer, and she goes with him, Jack shows her the Weavil locked up and sedated. He says they dont know there real name because they cant speak English. Jack introduces the team to Gwen, and Gwen asks why she is telling her the names of the team. Jack shows her the "scenic route". When they are on the step, they say that people cant see them, and Jack starts shouting at them noticing that they cant hear them, and he says that there is a perception filter in that spot only. Jack takes Gwen to a bar, and tries to explain what Torchwood are, and what they do. Gwen thinks its a great job, and asks who Jack is, and shows that she did some research and that he disappeared in 1941. Jack tells Gwen that they look at alien technology, and that it all stays in the hub. The next scenes shows Tosh with some alien technology, Owen with a glowing spray, and Suzie with the glove. We go back to Jack and Gwen and she is being told about the rift, and about the other Torchwood bases. Gwen suggests they work together to find the murderer., and she says that they will help or she will tell everyone what she knows. Jack says if she remembers, then asks her about her drink. He tells her she will forget everything about Torchwood, and she storms out, and says she can't fight it by staying awake because he added some sedative. She runs home and writes everything she knows down on her computer. We see Owen in a bar, and he walks up to a woman, and starts chatting her up, he sprays the glowing spray onto him, and the woman jumps on him and kisses him, and says he is coming home with her. We then see Tosh downloading the pages from a book with her technology, and Suzie using the glove to bring a fly back to life. We go back to Owen and the woman's girlfriend comes in and wants to beat him up, Owen sprays the spray on himself again, and the man kisses him, and Owen calls a taxi for himself and the couple. We then see Ianto logging into Gwens home computer, and deleting the writing she has just done. We next see Jack standing on top of a building looking out over Cardiff, then see Rhys (Gwens boyfriend) bringing her a coffee at the computer desk. Gwen goes into work the next day, and the woman she asked to check on Jack asks her if she had any luck, but Gwen can't remember a thing. She speaks to someone on the case of the murderer, and See's the estimated murder weapon. At first she doesn't recognise, but looks at it like she does. As she walks away, still thinking about the weapon, she starts linking the weapon with images she saw while in the Torchwood Hub.
The Knife used
She sits at the computer, and See's the word Remember written on a guide, she goes to where the guide shows her, and wonders around, seeing Suzie. Suzie says "hello again" but doesn't know how she knows her. Suzie says Gwen is going to put up a fight, so she pulls a gun on her. Suzie says she killed the people to test the glove. Jack uses the perception filter to sneak up beside Gwen and Suzie, and Suzie says it won't work on her, and shots Jack in the head, the points the gun back at Gwen, Jack gets up, and his wound heals, and he tells her to put down the gun. She looks at Gwen and turns the gun on herself. You then see the glove and the knife being put away, and everyone returning the technology they took home. Gwen and Jack are talking and she says Jack never mentioned about getting shot in the head, and tells her about the fact that he can't die. Jack asks Gwen if she wants to join, and she says yes.

[edit] Cast

  • John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness
  • Eve Myles – Gwen Cooper
  • Burn Gorman – Owen Harper
  • Naoko Mori – Toshiko Sato
  • Indira Varma – Suzie Costello
  • Gareth David-Lloyd – Ianto Jones
  • Kai Owen – Rhys Williams
  • Tom Price – PC Andy Davidson
  • Paul Kasey – Weevil
  • Guy Lewis – Young cop
  • Jason May – SOCO
  • Rhys Swinburn – John Tucker
  • Olwen Medi – Yvonne
  • Gwyn Vaughan-Jones – DI Jacobs
  • Dion Davis – Officer
  • Jams Thomas – Hospital porter
  • Mark Heal – Security Guard
  • Gary Shepheard – Pizza lad
  • Gwilym Havard Davies – Man
  • Cathryn Davies – Woman

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