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Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 1 Episode 6
Episode Name: Countrycide
Enemies: Villagers
Location: Brecon Beacons
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Broadcast: 19th November 2006
Previous Episode: Small Worlds
Next Episode: Greeks Bearing Gifts

[edit] Synopsis

Concerned that the space-time rift is spreading, Torchwood investigate a series of gruesome deaths in the Brecon Beacons village of Brynblaidd. What sort of creature could cause such shocking injuries? Stranded without communications or equipment and isolated from one another, the team confront a terrifying enemy.

[edit] Plot

A woman is on the phone hen she loses signal, and See's someone in the middle of the road. She gets out carrying a baseball bat, just in case, and goes to check them out. A shadow runs past the screen, she goes back to her car and the keys are missing, the shadow that ran past, then comes back scratching on the roof, scaring the woman, then unlocks her car and goes into the car to get her. Torchwood are seen driving down the road, "What is that smell?" says Owen, "Grass" replies Gwen, "Its disgusting" says Owen. Torchwood come out to the countryside, and talk about missing people. They are parked next to a burger van, and Ianto gets them burgers, and Tosh doesn't have one, saying her friend got Hepititas from eating something from one of "them" places, this puts Jack off his burger. Jack talks about the last missing woman, and they suggest setting up camp outside, to Owens dislike. While sat around the camp table they talk about the last person they snogged, Tosh's was Owen, Owen's was Gwen, Gwen was Rhys, Ianto mentions Lisa, and everyone went quiet. They need fire wood and Owen and Gwen go off to get fire wood, and Owen starts talking about her sex life, they get into an embrace, and Gwen See's a shadow moving behind the tress so they split up to find it, and they lose it. When the find each other again they see a sheet on the floor covering a body. The body was stripped of flesh, and of the body organs making it hard for them to figure out how it died. While they are checking the body they hear the vehicle start up, they run back to the camp site, and the vehicle is running over their tents before driving away. They run a check on it, and find it parked, Tosh says she thinks it has all the traits of a Trap, which Jack agrees then suggests they go for a walk. So they go for the walk, checking to see if the "SUV" has moved as they walk. They come to a row of houses with an old looking tractor. They are being watched out of the window, Jack splits the group up, sending Tosh and Ianto to find the SUV, while the rest check out the local pub for anyone they can talk to. In the pub Owen pretends to order a pint, while Gwen checks the cash register seeing money asks where everyone is. They continue to look around, and Gwen finds a body, that has been half stripped of its flesh. They hear the door go, so Jack and Gwen run out to find out who it was. Gwen sound scared asks Jack to tell her whats going on. They check out a shed close by, then continue looking towards houses, where Gwen finds a puddle of blood, looks further and finds another body. Gwen asks Jack if he ever gets scared, to which Jack ignores it and suggests checking the other houses. We cut to Tosh and Ianto approaching an abandoned looking house, which has locked doors. They hear a woman scream, which Ianto says might have just been a fox or something, the says he will check round the back, Tosh goes the other way around the back and hears the scream again so draws her gun. She gets round the corner to and checks the back door, Ianto comes round the other corner, and she raises her fun at him. He stands upon a ledge and shouts that they should carry on up there, turns around and Tosh is missing, he tries shouting for her, but gets no reply, so draws his own gun and walks back to try looking for her. The shadow runs past the back of him and turns hearing it run past, he starts walking the shadow comes up behind him, and hits him knocking him to the floor. Jack and Gwen come out of a house, and there is one left to check, which is locked, it isn't locked well so Gwen is able to force it open, then is shot by a shot gun. Jack opens the door and shouts at the person to put their gun down, the person inside keeps saying sorry and they he thought she was "Him" come back to get him. Jack questions who, while Gwen starts to fade out, Owen See's Gwen and runs towards her, Jack gets her up and takes her into the house. Gwen looks to be in a lot of pain, and Owen helps her, gives her something for the pain and tells her she is lucky cause they are only on the surface. While Owen is getting out the pellets, Gwen asks if he misses being a doctor, but he says he still is a doctor, just doesn't have the patients, which was the bit he hated. Jack comes back into the room and asks Owen what can be taking Tosh and Ianto so long, Owen suggests giving them a chance cause the car could be under lock down. The kid that shot Gwen says they could be dead. Jack asks what happens here, the kid says he's not human, and goes on about his mom not expecting him back. Jack suggests making base at the pub, Ianto and Tosh are seen locked in, talking about what it was that got them, and they say they didn't see them. Ianto starts worrying and saying loads of stuff about who protects them, and Tosh See's a shoe, which leads to a loads more shoes hinting that there have been loads of people down their, Tosh notices a fridge goes up to it and opens it. Within the fridge are body parts, and Ianto goes over and looks and is shocked at what he sees.
Ianto looking at parts in the fridge
The next scene is Owen barricading themselves into the pub, and Gwen is writing what information they have on the dartboard, Owen says she must rest, but she says that writing them down helps. Owen says that the Rift is spreading and dropping aliens wherever it feels like, as Gwen sees a shadow run past the window, then smashing bottles outside another window. The shadows cut the electric, and start messing with the door handles trying to get in, it goes around to another door next to Jack and you slowly see Jack turn to the cellar door. They start to force on the doors, and the kid is saying that they don't know what they are like, and they start to force open the door, when the door is open, they grab the boy named Sean, and drag him out the door. Gwen wants to go out after him, but Jack says they don't know what they are dealing with so its too dangerous. Ianto and Tosh are looking at a door, and trying to figure out how to open it, with Ianto suggesting brute force. But Tosh says it is reinforced, Ianto tries to kick it down anyway, but someone unlocks the door, and walks in with a shotgun, Ianto grabs the shotgun and Tosh finds something she can use to hit the person with. The woman says shes not going to hurt anyone, and asks if they are injured, saying she is a nurse. Asking if anyone else knows they are there, she then says she cant help them, she has been told to take them to them. Every ten years, it takes us again she says, and then says its the harvest. She then tells them they have to go with her. Jack goes down into the cellar to find what he shot, he finds organs in jars, then finds the man who he shot. The man says that Jack needs to get help, Jack asks him whats going on around there, and the man laughs at him saying he doesn't know, so Jack starts to Torture him, and the man says he will tell everything. Gwen is helped up a ditch by Owen, and they see a police car and a light, the police car stops and asks what they are doing out here, and they ask about the light, then start walking towards it. The woman takes Ianto and Tosh into another room, and forces them using the shot gun to go into another room, behind a curtain. In this room there are bodies hung up, and organs in jars. Tosh asks if the creatures look like us, meaning humans, and a man appears and says how else are we going to look, then kisses the woman who said she could help them. Ianto goes in and the man knocks him down and handcuffs him. Then ties Tosh up, and says he finally caught the boy. Tosh asks who he is, and they just refer to him as "Meat". The man comes in with a baseball bat, and says that meat has to be tenderised, and starts feeling Tosh up, the moves over to Ianto, Ianto headbutts him, and they attempt to run with only Tosh getting away. Ianto is hit over the head with the shotgun, while Tosh hides in a ditch and the man goes looking for her. Tosh comes out of her hiding place thinking its safe, and the man catches her, she kicks the man between the legs and makes another run for it, checking back to see if she is followed, she seems him, and tries to run again, all of this with her arms tied up. They continue to run through the forest until Tosh trips over, and the man catches up with her and chokes her into passing out. Owen comes to her rescue, and Gwen helps Tosh up, The police man goes with them, and pulls a gun out on Owen because the man is his Uncle. Gwen can't pull the trigger on the police man and they get taken to a house full of people sitting around a table. Owen calls them sick, and leads them to Ianto. The man chooses Ianto as his first victim, but everything starts to shake in the house, and there is a faint sound of Rumbling. Jack comes in driving the old tractor from the village, and shoots everyone in the legs, the woman in the shoulder. Then police man goes to reach for his gun, and Jack shoots his hand. He goes to kill the main man, but Gwen stops him saying she wants to question him. The man says that the village tradition was once a decade to target those that where travelling through, and butcher them. Gwen asks why they do it and he replies with "Why do you care".

Gwen says she has seen things that he would never believe, and this is the only thing she doesn't understand, but he doesn't tell her why. But he says he will tell her something if she lets him whisper, he whispers to her "Cause it makes me happy". You then see the villagers being taken away in police cars. Gwen looks back into her past, and says she had a good life before all that, and how her life was all sorting into place. She then met "you lot" meaning Torchwood, and said that all the things are changing how she See's the world, and she cant share them with anyone. You then see Owen come from behind her, and they share a kiss.

[edit] Cast

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