Species: Malmooth
Home Planet: Malcassario
Episode Appearance: Utopia Only Appearance
Aquintance: Professor Yana

Chantho is a female Malmooth, she says she is the last of her kind, she left her home, called Malmooth Conglomeration to help Professor Yana with the Utopia project, which was getting the remaining humans to Utopia, a haven for them. When The professor opened his Fob Watch releasing his Time Lord self he wounded Chantho with an electric cable, and she shot him before dying. Malmooths starrted by saying thier names at the start of a sentance and finishing with thier name at the end. When Martha asked what would happen if she didnt she replied: "Chan-That would be rude-tho." She over come this and said No without her name, and then giggled like a little girl at the fact that she had just done it.

Chantho later appears in a flash back in Journeys End when The Doctor is remembering all the sacrifices made in his name.

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