Captain John Hart

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Captain John Hart
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Affiliated with: Time Agency
Race: Human
Home Era:
First Appearence: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Last Appearence: Exit Wounds
Portrayed By: James Marsters

John Hart is an Ex Time Agency member, and was first seen in Series Two Episode One. He walks into a bar and starts picking people to go, and people to stay, the bouncers come in and he pulls out guns. Later in the same episode he contacts Jack Harkness through his Time Agency Wrist Strap. When Jack turns up, they share a passionate kiss, hinting that they might be a couple at some point. They then start fighting, and seem to be enjoying it. During the same episode Jack asks how Rehab was, and John states that it was plural, and he had been to Drink, Drugs, Sex, and Murder rehabs. John refers to them as a partners in more ways than one, and refers to the 5 year 2 week loop that him and Jack was locked into. John gives away a lot of Jack's secrets while he talks and then tries to kill Gwen using some Paralysing Lip Gloss. Before setting off to find the "Gas Bombs" that had slipped through the rift, Jack gives Gwen 3 instructions about John;

  • Keep him infront
  • Dont Trust anything he says
  • Dont Kiss Him

John said the last rule was because Jack wanted him all to himself.

John asks Jack why he stays in one world, when he can look at all the others, and the Glitter of the Galaxy. At the end of the his first episode John ends up with a bomb attached to his chest for the killing of his lover, and it was her payback. Just before he dissapears he tells Jack that he found Grey.

[edit] References within Torchwood

  • Owen refered to him as "Worse than Jack".
  • Gwen refers to him as a "Compulsize liar".
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