Captain Jack Harkness (Episode)

Captain Jack Harkness
Jack dancing with the young captain
Series: Torchwood
Series/Episode Number: Series 1 Episode 12
Episode Name: Captain Jack Harkness
Enemies: Bilis Manger
Location: Cardiff (Present day and 1941)
Writer: Catherine Tregenna
Broadcast: 1st January 2007
Previous Episode: Combat
Next Episode: End of Days

[edit] Synopsis

Jack and Toshiko are transported back to the Blitz. As they figure out why, Jack faces an unexpected secret from his past as they meet a handsome young American Captain named Jack Harkness. Meanwhile in present day Cardiff, the rest of the team is trying to figure out how to bring Jack and Tosh back when they realize their own option is a very dangerous one.

[edit] Plot

[edit] Cast

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