Boe Kind

The Face of Boe

Home Era: 2001st century and onwards
First Appearance: The End of the World
Last Appearance: Grid Lock
Voiced By: Struan Rodger

We have no clue who of what the Face of Boe is, but a possible clue to his identity was revealed in the episode Last of the Time Lords. We saw Captain Jack Harkness, the ex-con man turned immortal time traveller expresses worry of how he might look in billions of years from now, even though he can die, he does however age, albeit slowly. He considers it a matter of vanity as he tells the Doctor and Martha Jones that "He used to be a young poster Boy in the Boeshane Peninsula" according to him, that's how he got his nickname 'The Face of Boe' and reveals to Martha and The Doctor what he will in fact look like in Billions of years time. Although, Russel T. Davies describes this as just "A theory" and is not actually proof that Jack Harkness is the oldest living being alive, apart from the Doctor, The Face of Boe.

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