Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf was an expression which had clues to itself spread in locations which The Doctor and Rose would visit in the first of the revived series'. It has also appeared occasionally since.

[edit] The Identity of the Bad Wolf

The Bad Wolf was revealed in The Parting of the Ways, the final episode in series 1 and the last episode featuring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.

After the Doctor tricked her into going back home in the TARDIS, Rose gained the idea of opening the heart of the Tardis in order to pilot it back to the Doctor. With the help of Mickey Smith, the Tardis console was opened and Rose absorbed the Time Vortex. She then used this to take her in the Tardis back to the Doctor.

The Bad Wolf is Rose infused with the power of the Time Vortex. In this form, Rose is capable of eliminating the Daleks almost effortlessly, as well as bringing Jack Harkness back to life. However, she is unable to maintain this form, as it would destroy her. The Doctor saves her by absorbing the power into himself, which forces him to regenerate into the next Doctor to survive.

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