Rhys Williams

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Rhys Williams

Affiliated with: Gwen Cooper
Torchwood 3 Institute
Race: Human
Home Era: Early) 21st Century
Debut: "Everything Changes"
Portrayed By: Kai Owen

Rhys Williams (Kai Owen) was introduced in the premier episode and is Gwen Coopers boyfriend. Although wen was introduced as a somewhat surrogate character, Rhys is the one that provides the link between the shows fanatical theme and reality, somewhat quintessential to the story. Producer Richard Stokes said; "Without him, it simply becomes a sci-fi show about sci-fi people, running around and hunting aliens."
Originally, the plan was to kill him off at the end of the first series, but head writer Russell T. Davies said he was essential to the story and allowed Gwen to develop more and how she grounded through Rhys. His necessity escalated as he had a much more vital role in the 3rd series.

During the course of the first series (2006), Rhys was unaware of Gwen being part of an organisation called Torchwood, being told she worked for a Special Ops team. But, midway through series 2 (2008) he discovers the truth and their somewhat diminished relationship is revitalised, and now there were no secrets in the relationship, the 2 get married later on in the same series. In series 3, Rhys become directly involved in assisting the team.

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